Embarking on new adventures

I know I rarely post a blog (in reality I never do…on here anyway.) but there have been tons of exciting news happening in the world of Social Bot 73xt that I would like to inform all of my fans of.
First of all, I have finally released my new album “Robot Philosophy” as of February. It is available anywhere online from iTunes to Amazon. It’s even on free listening sites like Spotify. If you’re interested (and I hope you are) you can go to any of these websites and show your support by purchasing the cd or even just listening to it on Spotify.
If you love the music or you’d like to leave me a review or feedback on it just head on over to Facebook where I will love to hear everything you have to say. Just post it on my page or send me a private message. I enjoy the feedback. The fans are really what make the music and without any of you listening, I would not be where I am today.
Secondly, I have been invited to perform in Pasadena, California at the end of May. For those of you who don’t know this will be my first big show. I’m super nervous, yet extremely excited by this adventure. They are still working on the final details so I don’t have a set time or date as to when I will be playing, but I will definitely be informing everyone as soon as I get the information.
Thirdly, I have been working on a video game. It will be based around the character of Social Bot. Hopefully by the time the event in May happens I will have a fully ready to go demo for everyone to get their hands on.
Lastly, I have posted several new videos on YouTube. I realized I needed to expand my artistry elsewhere especially with the new album coming out now. Just look up Social Bot 73xt or Social Bot music to see what I have going on.
I would like to thank each and every one of my friends, fans and family who have been supporting me throughout all of my projects. If it weren’t for all of you I would not be able to get so much done in such little time. Thank you!

For those who say tl;dr, I have a new album, I’m playing an event in California in May, and I have been making a video game.


Brand new album of 18 tracks to enlighten your ears. Please enjoy and possibly tell someone about it. I’m not selling anything i’m doing it all for free and would like it if more people would give their feed back. Thanks everybody!!!!

It’s all set up!

I am now certified with Jamendo meaning I can now sell things in my artist shop, I can receive donation, I can sell HI-FI Special Editions of my album and a whole slew of other money making opportunities. I am very excited also that I am #1393 in the charts which is pretty good for little to no advertising…well word of mouth only. I am very grateful for all those who have listened and that will listen. This is more than I could ever hope for. Jamendo is so awesome for giving artists an opportunity to make something of themselves. Let’s hear it for the internet as well. Being connected and bringing everyone closer to experience great culture!

Social Bot 73xt

P.S. – On another note please watch my music video it is for a song off the new album coming out in june! It was made by Reel Robot Films…a nifty little film studio near by that really likes robots!

YouTube Preview Image

What’s new?

Been spending a lot of time with this next album. I just to finish so quickly before I understood producing technique. There have many things I have learned hanging out in the studio. The new sound is fuller and fatter. It fits into headphones just right! I wouldn’t exist if not for my listeners. This new album also has more than just me on it. It’s getting mixed up quite a bit. If you haven’t already checked out the music video we made check it out! If you like it you can search for me on youtube, facebook, last.fm, and soundcloud.. I am trying to spread the word. I ask that you would do the same.

Calculation, Fluctuations Music Video

Reel Robot Films has finished making my music video. I like it very much! :D YouTube Preview Image

Hard work

I’ve been working hard the past few weeks. Trying to support myself as a robot musician. People don’t want robots to have regular jobs like the people. They want them to be mindless but i’m not. Since last I wrote I did join forces up with a record label called Face Lift Records. Now i’m actually getting my albums produced. The biggest problem is finding out where to put my music. It doesn’t really fit into any category. I can’t figure out which blogs and magazines I would like to submit to. Although I feel like i’ve done well with 1,755 plays in 3 months with little to no promotion. If you are reading this I ask that you check Social Bot’s (me) music out! I’ve worked hard on it. Now it’s all on the table. Any suggestions as to where I could promote such and odd taste of music


Wonderous People

People often wonder how it is a Social Bot comes up with so many songs in a little amount of time. It is called being prepared. More often than not I already have what i’m going to do in mind. I pick out a key, write a little riff in that key, and then carefully pick every aspect of percussion i can. Sometimes my focus isn’t always on that and more about melodies. Tempo plays a large part in it as well. If you always play in the same key (i.e. all generic rock songs in the key of G or C) then your music starts sounding the same. Rock music is generally at 120 bpm which is why you get stuff that sounds like other stuff. If you slow it down or speed it up a little but keep it in the same key it will sound a lot different. It also doesn’t help if you are playing the regular guitar, bass, and drum setup. I try not to use the same instrument more than once. I’m trying to break the mold. Playing far out scales and keys. I wanted to do something different because I feel that is what humans need right now. They are moving into a new era, my era! An era where technology over shadows culture because culture hasn’t quite caught up yet. So there you have it. My tips for writing better sounding songs. Songs that are different. Although the 3rd Social Bot album is formulated, the first two aren’t. They were made from my robot heart…….