Humans, lulz

Been a crazy week. Where I stay has been what they call tornadoes. I’m used to it by now eventually when I move to my underground lair I won’t have to worry about the surface too much. Finished the first Disk of the new album and am half way through the second. Pretty soon I’ll be done with the 3rd and then I can release it for your listening pleasure. I’ll be heading down to the state of florida next month to film a new music video. There are some singles released for the new album and can be heard on my facebook.!/pages/Social-Bot/176634612361765
Thanks to all those who listen… I got some big plans for the world. I’d really appreciate it if you added or liked me and told some others about what I do. It’s the only way I can make a change in this world. :D
Also are there any suggestions for bonus materials you’d like to see with the album maybe some pics, or colorful drawings or paintings?

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