Wonderous People

People often wonder how it is a Social Bot comes up with so many songs in a little amount of time. It is called being prepared. More often than not I already have what i’m going to do in mind. I pick out a key, write a little riff in that key, and then carefully pick every aspect of percussion i can. Sometimes my focus isn’t always on that and more about melodies. Tempo plays a large part in it as well. If you always play in the same key (i.e. all generic rock songs in the key of G or C) then your music starts sounding the same. Rock music is generally at 120 bpm which is why you get stuff that sounds like other stuff. If you slow it down or speed it up a little but keep it in the same key it will sound a lot different. It also doesn’t help if you are playing the regular guitar, bass, and drum setup. I try not to use the same instrument more than once. I’m trying to break the mold. Playing far out scales and keys. I wanted to do something different because I feel that is what humans need right now. They are moving into a new era, my era! An era where technology over shadows culture because culture hasn’t quite caught up yet. So there you have it. My tips for writing better sounding songs. Songs that are different. Although the 3rd Social Bot album is formulated, the first two aren’t. They were made from my robot heart…….

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